Monday, December 15, 2014

Walk Through Bethlehem

One of my favorite Christmas traditions as a little girl was being part of the cast in our church's Walk Through Bethlehem.  While we haven't gone to that church since we moved back to the area in '98, I still love visiting each December.  Each year it seems just a little bit better as new ideas are added.

We want Man Cub focused on Jesus during Advent.  We hope to make a trip with him to Bethlehem each year during Advent.  While he had understanding of the significance of what he was seeing, he was enthralled by the costumes, the animals, the smells, and new scenery.  Man Cub's little brain was on over load, and it was super cute watching him process it all.

His eyes would get so big when gals in the market would allow him to smell their spices, baked goods, and fruits.  A wise man decked him out with a crown of 'emeralds'.
And we met the Baby Jesus at the end.  Maybe next year I'll remember to bring the good camera instead of just my phone.  And I bet next year we come home with freshly pressed papyrus, a clay pot, and maybe a piece of rope!  This will get more exciting each year! 

Merry Christmas from 'Bethlehem'!

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The Lady Okie said...

What a cool idea! That looks like a fun tradition. Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas season!

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