Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SCC: Joy Concert

Steven Curtis Chapman kicked off his Joy tour here in Houston on Saturday.  It's no secret around these parts that we adore Steven's music and try not to miss him when he comes to town.  We'd known he was coming for weeks and weeks, but we didn't know when Isaac's family would leave town, so we hadn't bought tickets.  Isaac surprised me Saturday afternoon by saying that great tickets were still available, to find a babysitter, and pick the seats I wanted.  Um, yes please!  What a perfect way to start Advent!

Steven brought his daughter-in-law Jillian Edwards and Brandon Heath with him.  They put on an excellent concert of Christmas songs.  They performed their original Christmas pieces while also including plenty of sing-along carol favorites. 

It was a beautiful night of worship.  I truly needed that time to get my mind in the right place to begin Advent on Sunday. 

And, we're so grateful to this gal for keeping our Man Cub so we could have a night out, especially at the last minute.  I babysat her when she wasn't much older than Man Cub, and now she's babysitting my baby...I'm not old enough for this!

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