Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Decor

I adore having the house decorated for Christmas.  We don't go totally crazy, but I love what I have.  It's most my angel collection from childhood and my nativity collection from adulthood, and I enjoy how it all comes together. 

My little fair trade tree.

It was exciting and strange all at once having 5 stockings this year!

The larger 2 nativities are from the West Bank and the little one is from Honduras.

 Nativity on the left is from Peru and the one on the left is from Venezuela.

I want to add ribbon to the tree next year.

Another Israeli nativity with two prints from our She Reads Truth Advent devotional. I hang all of our Christmas cards around the stair case railing each year.  It's festive!

Two of my Zambian nativities.  The Precious Moments one is a hand-me-down from my parents. 

This is my current favorite:

The little trees on the left are from Zambia, the big one my dad's mom made for me when I was a baby, and the little tree on the right is from my mom's childhood.

The tree has nativity ornaments from England, and the other one is from Mexico.  

Mom bought this tree for Man Cub's room.  He's loved having it to look at, and I love that I can easily turn it on in the middle of the night or at bedtime for just enough light to change a diaper.  

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