Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Recap

We had a fabulous Christmas, and I think Man Cub agreed!

On the 23rd, we had our own little Christmas just the three of us.  That's when we learned our little guy loves ripping paper-oh boy!

He got two little toys from us, an Aggie Baby DVD, and his daddy made a donation to ACE in his honor for the kiddos' Christmas party.  

On Christmas Eve, we played Mary, Joseph, and Jesus at UBC's Christmas Eve service.  I was so excited to get a family photo with the camel, but the camel seriously pitched a fit and refused to load into the trailer.  The owners tried for an hour and a half, but when a camel doesn't want to go, a camel doesn't go!  Oh well.

It was a different experience for us to be in the service like that.  We spent 20 minutes outside as part of the nativity scene with goats, sheep, shepherds, and a donkey, and then waited in the foyer for about 25 more minutes til we took the stage as the Christmas story was read.  I loved that we were apart of this though it made for extra challenge to focus on actually worshiping.  Man Cub was excellent the whole time.  We've since been recognized in public 2 times as the Holy Family.  Ha!

We were going to spend Christmas Eve at my parents, but someone decided he couldn't sleep in his crib there, or with Mommy and Daddy there, so 'Baby Jesus' fled to Egypt at 12:30 so we could get at least some sleep before family Christmas the next morning.  *He hasn't slept great since then...grrr*

Once we got back to my parents, we had a beautiful breakfast and then took turns opening our gifts.  I'm was so proud of my family for not going overboard with the presents.  Our little guy's favorite thing was his Johnny Jumper from his uncle David and aunt Laura.

Mama and her grandbabies

The next day we Skyped with Isaac's family and opened presents together that way.  It was a fun, if not terribly odd and awkward, way to chat for a bit.  Let's just say I am certainly not a fan of video calls.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!  We celebrate because of You!

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