Monday, December 22, 2014

Man Cub's Christmas Outfits

Thanks mostly to my mom and Tot 'n Teen, Man Cub had the cutest outfits for Christmas.  Boys 'n Berries, Kissy Kissy, Magnolia Baby, Osh Kosh, and Bailey Boys came through for us big time, especially since most of these were bought in the spring 75% off.  :)

Smocking of Santa and his goodies:

This little romper has Santa's face on the leg.

This romper with the gingerbread train was super cute but also has a circus scene on the other side, so he can wear it all winter!

Snowman, Santa, and a Christmas Tree play clothes

Kissy Kissy makes the softest clothes!  Mom had the reindeer and 'my first Christmas' embroidered on it for him.

Our friend Brenda sent us this sleeper.  So warm and cozy!!

I bought this for our Christmas card photos.  The tree tab is removable, and my friend Kim is monogramming the blank tab for me so Man Cub can wear this all winter too!

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