Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was just plain fun!

Friday I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers while I folded laundry and during nursing sessions.  My parents and grandparents raised me on a solid diet of classic movies.  How I went nearly 30 years without seeing this little jewel is beyond me!  It's such a cute story, the music was entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Go watch it!
Saturday was one of those days I could just live over and over again.

We had 9 teens from our Sunday School class come to make snack bags to pass out when they encounter the homeless in our area.  While we had a great discussion about things to pray when the bags are distributed, and they prayed sweet prayers over the bags, I think there was way more fun going on than spiritual growth.  Hey, it's ok!  :)  The boys couldn't get enough of sweet Man Cub and just kept passing him around.  They also rough housed with Aggie Belle for ages and ages.  I guess we got a sneak peek of what our house will be like in a few years.  Love it!  The girls snuck in some sweet snuggles too.  We love our teens, and we're so grateful they'll give up their free time to love on others.

In the evening, our dear friend Sandy and her son Given came by to meet Man Cub.  They live several hours away, and we were so excited to hear that a human trafficking conference would be bringing them our way.  I've known Sandy since I was a pre-teen, and she and my mom fought human trafficking back before it was even recognized by the government.  They're heroes I certainly want my son knowing well.  :)  Given sang to Andrew a bit, and he was just enthralled with his new buddy.  Precious!

Our Sundays are back into a normal routine with church activities.  For two weeks now we've already started hard on Christmas music in bells and Chamber Singers.  That's one of the best parts of music ministry-Christmas starts in September!

How was your weekend?

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