Sunday, September 28, 2014

Man Cub Goes to the Beach!

Each autumn when Jason and Jacob visit, we head to Galveston for some beach bummin'.  We weren't going to let the addition of sweet Man Cub change those plans!  The little guy made his first trip today to the beach.  We waited until 5:00 to get there so we wouldn't have to worry about the sun rays being too much for the little guy.  Still, he was stylin' in his Surfer Baby shades!

Bailey never left our side this trip.  He loves to swim, but he was too keen on what his brother was doing to care about swimming today.  
Man Cub loves bath time, so I wasn't worried about him liking the ocean.  The sand, well, I wasn't so sure how that would go over with him.  He didn't seem to mind it though, and he kept curling his toes into the soft, wet sand as the waves receded.  

The boys played monkey in the middle with Aggie Belle and the frisbee and flew kites too.  It was a perfect day for beach playing!

First family of five beach photo!
We can't wait for many, many more beach days in our future!

1 comment:

Lisa Loves John said...

Oh my gosh!!! Whata cutie! And that last photo is a pretty perfect family picture! :)

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