Monday, September 15, 2014

1st Trip to Aggieland

The Former Student Association hosted a huge Young Alumni Tailgate on Saturday before the Aggie/Rice game.  Several friends from church were going up and invited us to come to.  Maybe we were crazy for thinking about taking a 7 week old, but we were game! 

Man Cub was so good in the car, though it helped that I sat in the back with him to help stick the paci back in his mouth.  We did a little Aggie shopping before heading to Ashley and Tim's for lunch with them and our friends the Tanners.  Lunch was a chaotic, loud, blast of excitement, and I wouldn't have traded it for our quiet meals that the 6 of us adults used to have for anything.  We had 6 kids ages 10-7 weeks in that home, and it was amazing.  They all played so well while we visited.  It was Michelle's birthday, so it was the perfect excuse for Ashley to make yummy desserts too.  :)

Our six lil' Aggies!

Big A loves Little A!

The years of friendship and school and weddings and babies have been such joy!

We eventually headed to campus with the Tanners and met up with our friend Jeff and his girlfriend for the tailgate.  The weather was misty, breezy, and about 65 all day.  For Aggieland in September, that's unheard of, and absolutely blissful.  So it wasn't the greatest hair day, but that wasn't the point of the trip!  :)  We had Sloveck Sausage, Yell Practice for the kids, and a visit from the band at the tailgate.  It was so blissfully sweet to have all these memories flooding back of what every home game weekend was like as a student.  We loved on Parson's Mounted Calvary horses and watched the corps march in to Kyle Field.  And of course we stood in awe of all the renovations! 

Class of '07 and '37!

Because we all love the tubas...

We headed home about 7:30 and listened to the game as we drove.  Oh, how I hope my Man Cub grows up to be an Aggie.  Yet, even if this isn't where God will send him some day, we're going to have lots of fun memories of this Lil' Aggie for now!

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