Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blue Bell Tour

The 4th annual Man Weekend is upon us!  Jason and Jacob, Isaac's cousin and brother, are in town for their days full of rompous fun.   In all their years of visits, we've never made it to the Bell Bell factory in Brenham for them to tour.  I can't believe this because they buy out Kroger's Blue Bell stock every visit!

Man Cub slept all the way to Brenham, and all the way back home.  We stopped at Must Be Heaven in downtown Brenham for lunch.  So, so good!  

I wish cameras were allowed on the tour.  It's so fun to see how our favorite ice cream is made.  All the goodies for the ice cream are made in house except for the marshmallows (Kraft) and the Butterfinger pieces.  Also, the ice cream is ready for shipment 6 hours after production.  It's nice and fresh when it makes it to my freezer!  After the tour, every gets a huge scoop of the flavor of their choice.  We played 'pass the ice cream cup' so we all got a bit of 4 flavors.  :)

The best part was running into a family I used to babysit when they still lived on our side of town.  The Boozers went to UBC with us, and I babysat them for about 7 years.  Caroline had just posted on Facebook on Thursday an old picture of us:

She mentioned how I was her favorite babysitter and wished she lived closer enough to babysit Man Cub.  I wish she did too!  Caroline didn't get to babysit Man Cub, but she sure got to cuddle him yesterday while she, her brothers, her mom, and I caught up.  So special!
Of course we had to take the obligatory tourist photos with the Blue Bell truck.  I need to dig out the photos of us as kids at the factory. 

Have you ever had Blue Bell?  What's your favorite flavor?

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