Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Geno!

Labor Day happened to fall on my dad's birthday this year.  We spent the afternoon and evening at my parents letting the whole fam love on Man Cub.  I don't think Dad minded one bit that the highlight of his birthday was cuddling the little guy. Dad is all around the champion diaper changer, baby whisperer, and currently the only one able to make him laugh.  I'm pretty sure Dad thought this was one super fine birthday!  Mom grilled burgers, Nanny made peach ice cream, and Isaac made a Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolate Cake.  He'll make you one too!  :)

Mom has bought him the cutest clothes from the one and only Tot-N-Teen!

Geno and Man Cub-best buddies

 The boys think it's so fun to stick their tongues out at each other!

Dad's cake.  Bliss!

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