Monday, September 15, 2014


Since birth, Man Cub has had so many visitors!  I unfortunately have gotten pictures with all of our sweet friends and family, but here's a few of the precious cuddles Man Cub has received over the last 7 weeks.
Aunt LaLa and Uncle David

Anthony and Kathleen

 Nanny and Dede

William and Jonathan

Auntie Kait

4 Generations!

4 Generations!

Uncle Jacob

Miss Lesah, David, Rachel, and Sarah

 Ashley and Andrew

The 2 A's!

Auntie Kait

Pops and PenPen

Mr. David, Mrs. Suzanne, Sarah, Savannah, and Zach

Loves this one!

1 comment:

Lisa Loves John said...

Love the four generations photo!! That is one loved babe :) :)

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