Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KJOY 2013

KJOY (Kindergartners learning that Jesus comes first, Others come second, and Yourself comes last) happened a month ago, but I'm just not getting photos from it.  Ooops.

My friend Kymberlee and I co-wrote the curriculum for KJOY 3 years ago.  Our preschool director Terri has a real desire to see kids learning that it's not all about 'me'.  In our week, we look at Bible stories that show how He put the needs of others before His own.  The kids always come away learning a lot, and have a special connection to the people they serve.

We work in the Walden Garden to harvest food for the local food bank and then deliver it:
We got DRENCHED in the rain!

We made snack bags for the homeless:

We dropped of turtles stuffed with prayers for the cancer patients at the local hospital:

 We loved on the elderly and made flower pots with them:

We brought goodies to the firefighters and police officers in our community:

The last day we had a little fun in Kemah!
Aside from Zambia, KJOY is always my favorite week of the summer!  I pray these kiddos learn to keep Jesus always first in their lives.

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