Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 2013 BarkBox

Bailey and Aggie Belle's BarkBox arrived yesterday!  Boy, howdy is it always fun to explore this treat from the mail man! 

This month's box was all about summer fun and food!

Aussie Naturals Floatie Shark ($11.99)  This is a floating toy made of a tennis, rope, and squeakers.  A new beach toy for Aggie Belle!  This girl LOVES to swim out in the waves and retrieve things, so this will be perfect when Uncle Jacob comes back to visit next week.

Barkworthies Bullyflakes ($5.25) These are flakes of bully sticks, which my dogs munch up quickly!  The point of these is to sprinkle on top of a picky eater's food to entice them to eat.  Bah!  I'm the mean mom that makes my littlest and oldest love starve it out.  He wants canned food on his premium brand dog food, and I won't pay for it.  Besides, canned is awful for their teeth.  The last thing I need is something else keeping Bailey from eating his kibble without its addition.  We won't be adding this to their food, but putting it in their treat balls.

The Honest Kitchen Ice Pups  (.99) These packets hold grain-free, salt-free mixes that can be mixed with water and then frozen or heated for a treat to match the weather.  With the silicone dish from last month's box, this will turn into a perfect popsicle!  

Plato Duck Strips ($11.99) These jerky type treats are made of duck meat and brown rice.  That's a perfect treat for my allergy ridden Bailey!  Yum!

Primal Freeze Dried Turkey Liver Treats ($6.99) These claim to be nothing but American raised turkey liver.  Regardless, my pups think they're super tasty!

This month's box is valued at $37.21, and we only pay $18 a month.  What a deal!  And, BarkBox is totally cutting back on our trips to the pet store, which means more play time for the dogs.  

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