Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lusaka Baptist Church

We joined Lottie, Julian, and their family today at Lusaka Baptist Church.  It's a big church and well established in the community.  It felt a lot like UBC in many ways.  I enjoyed how in the bulletin they had a whole section about Macedonia and how to pray for the people there.  Yep, that's a Baptist church alright!

They asked us to lunch at a pizza place, which was a nice treat.  Isaac adores this family, and I quickly came to also after meeting them.  It was hard to tell them bye, but Lottie comes to the States a lot for medical conferences, so maybe they'll make a family trip of it and come see us!
Jane (niece), Lumba, Mutale (cousin), and Tite

We made one last stop by the craft market for a few things.  Isaac snapped one picture.  It's like this for several parking aisles.

The rest of the day was spent bouncing between the infant and toddler nurseries.  We're going to miss these kids and their huge personalities!!!

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