Saturday, June 22, 2013

Kalimba Reptile Park

Our original plan had been to take the older children from House of Martha on a field trip while we were here.  Unfortunately for us but more or less fortunately for those kids, the government (social welfare) decided to move the whole house into more of foster home type situations right before we arrived.  This is awesome for those older kids to learn how a family works together.  We didn't let this stop our plans though!  Matrida, the awesome social worker here, suggested we take the kids from Bill and Bette Bryant House (still part of CACZ) who are between 2 and 6.  Maybe we were a little crazy to want to take 23 preschoolers on a field trip, but our day was perfect.

Kalimba Reptile Park is part zoo, part park, part swimming pool.  It was too cold to really swim, but the kids splashed in the baby pool some.  The playground is huge and the kids loved the BIG slide compared to the one at their house.  The crocodiles are varied in size and species, and the littlest of the kids kept saying, "Croc-O-dile...chomp, chomp.  So big!"  We had placed an order for plenty of chicken and fries from Hungry Lion to take with us for a picnic. One of the zookeepers even got out a huge python for the kids to touch and hold.  Some were so brave and others were so scared! Two of the house moms and two of the preschool teachers came with us, along with Kevin, Maltildah, and baby Ty, and Tom and his two boys.  Tom works in the office here and drove the big bus for us!  The kids sang and sang on the bus, and were so excited to be going on an outing.  The smiles and hugs and laughter that kept bursting out of everyone all day was just bliss. 
The Van Raventseins and that snake.  Ugh!  Yes, I touched it.

Sophie and me

Come over for dinner after we return home to see pictures of these cuties enjoying their outing! 

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