Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Milk and Medicine Distribution Matero Compound

Today we visited a compound called Matero for Milk and Medicine distribution.  This compound isn't quite as poor as Kuku is, so what we saw didn't shock our systems quite so much.  What we did enjoy and what did shock us was that there were 3 sets of triplets under age two.  This hardly happens at home, even with fertility help, much less naturally!  There were also several pairs of twins. 
Ruthie with Joseph, Mary, and Martha

Doreen with Bernard, Esther, and Alice and her sister who helps her

Stella with Sarah, Dorcas, and Faith and her two nephews.

As we arrived, the women gathered in a church.  We sang worship songs and then a woman from the compound gave a health talk.  I loved this because it empowers the families but she also asked them about their current concerns and addressed those instead of just choosing any old topic. 

Again, the people were so welcoming and happy to see us.  I love working in the orphanages and schools, but to be with the adults and to be humbled by their daily perseverance is my favorite part of being here.  Today we even saw a dad there with his children, not just moms, sisters, aunts, and big brothers.  I so cherish the love and determination so many of these men have not to walk away from their families when the going get tough.  Don't get me wrong-many do, but for those that stay, I see loving, caring dads that are determined to do all they can for their families.  Bless them!

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