Saturday, June 29, 2013

Play Day!

Kevin, Matildah, and baby Tyler took us to the Dutch Reformed Church Market that is held the last Saturday of each month.  Craft, food, and farm vendors all come to sell their goods.  We met up with my friend Chembo and her sisters.  They helped us shop for several hours before taking a break for an amazing lunch!  We ran into several other friends, missionaries and Zambians alike.  The energy in the place was fantastic, and we just had fun.  It was nice to let loose and have a play day after a busy week.  Hopefully we remembered everything everyone was wanting.  We had a list so we would check it and compare prices from different vendors before making purchases.  Leave to me to bargin shop AND haggle prices.  Ha.  It's neat to see all the fair trade work being done too.
We're going to bubble wrap these guys together and take them home as one of our checked bags.  Isaac has been wanting them for two weeks.  The girls named them Mapalo, Chicondi, Mercy, and Choulwe
Front of a queen size quilt
The back
Baobab trees. I have big plans for these guys and my fair trade ornaments at Christmas.

Big 5 Statue and Shade...Isaac's dad is going to make this into a lamp.


For Tina and Joelle

For Isaac's dad

Shirt for Isaac, Dress for me

Skirts for me

2 for Tina and Joelle and 3 for me!

Throw pillow cases

Here are things we bought earlier in the trip.

Chitenge Fabric

Teak wood globe

Back of a queen quilt

My friend Amanda has family send her ingredients for cookie dough.  Brown sugar is very hard to find here.  She sells it at the market and to anyone who asks for it.  We bought cookies to eat after lunch and dough to make cookies for the staff.  Isaac and I took the older babies one by one into the kitchen to eat bits of cookies.  Most loved it though some weren't too impressed.  Their loss.  :)  The toddlers had so much fun having some one on one time with Isaac and me. We have some darn cute pictures, so come over after we return home to see them in person!

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Shelley said...

Would love an authentic Zambian dolly for Evie. If you see something for $50 or less will you get one for her?

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