Friday, June 28, 2013

Work Day

Fridays are always my most tired day during this school year, and this week was no different.  We've had a lot of fun and worked really hard this week, but we're ready for a break.

Isaac went back to Garden Hill School to mix concrete and build a wall for the storage shed for the construction site.  Kevin took me to Ngombe Presbyterian School.  We thought we'd visit with the kids for a while, but all the head teachers from the Faith Works Schools were there for a meeting today.  Grade 7 is one of the big exam years, kind of like STAAR at home but only grades 7, 9, and 12.  The teachers were meeting to discuss lesson standards and write pre-tests for the students.  Wow, did that ever sound familiar.  Blooms Taxonomy was all over the place in their meeting.  I ended up staying with and helping for nearly 2 hours.  What a treat to talk with other educators.  We had a great time, and I think they taught me more than I was able to share with them.  We also set up some professional development time for Tuesday morning.  Pray for me-as much as I love helping other teachers, talking in front of adults makes me sweat like a banshee!

Grade 4 class at Ngombe right before their science test.  :)

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The Granberrys said...

I love all these posts! I have a couple of friends who have gone to work with Camp Life, and know a couple who recently moved there!

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