Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family Legacy

One of my Phi Lamb sisters moved to Lusaka 14 months ago with her husband Taylor and baby Lilly to work with Family Legacy.  This is another phenomenal organization that longs to serve orphans. I've known about Family Legacy since 2005 when I was asked by a friend to join her for Camp Life but at the time was too sick to travel.  Isaac and I were blown away by what we saw at Tree of Life.  Family Legacy is working hard, led the Holy Spirit, to build a safe, discipleship centered home for orphans and other children in Social Services care by providing them with a family environment, Christian education, health care, and skills set.  Again, these are things that words can't describe.  As much as I'd heard about it from friends who've volunteered here and the Smiths, I didn't get it until today.  Family Legacy is serving 30,000 kids right now, partnering with Zambians and Americans to build a sense of community and belonging.  Sadly, that's only a small chunk of the 1.5 million orphans in Zambia, but this ministry is booming!  All of these organizations are amazing, and we're so blessed to see first hand Jesus at work.

Amanda and Taylor also took us to their church with them this morning.  South City Church is set up by South Africans, but it's largely multicultural.  Zambians, Chinese, Indians, and Americans were all present too, worshiping and studying God's Word.  What a treat!  We then went to lunch (Thai food at Arcades-yum!) before heading out to Tree of Life.  We also got to shop at one of the craft markets and found a few more treasures for our house (aka the American Museum of Zambian Art).

We are so grateful for the chance to love on old friends and learn how to pray ever more clearly for God's will to be done on earth.

This afternoon we played upstairs. Blessings in 6 months old and is happy as a clam as long as Isaac is in viewing range.  Otherwise, plug those ears.  I might have to chitenge wrap Blessings and Isaac and post a picture of them from behind.  Hehehe.....

Prayer Requests:
~Peter, our night guard, lost him mom to cancer about a month ago.  His laugh fills the house, but we can tell he's still mourning.  
~Laura's sinus infection is not clearing up.  The sinus pain is keeping her awake at night and causing dizzy spells.  Pray for healing.
~We go to Helen DeVos Christian School tomorrow.  Isaac will be making his first presentation about NASA.  Keep him in your prayers! 

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