Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving that there are only 16 more days of school!  Not only does it mean summer is right around the corner, but it means that we'll be in our new house really, really soon!

I'm in love with this princess.  This is Layla.  She was born May 3rd and is my niece!  David and Laura will be picking her up around the end of June.  She's a shichon. I think she's going to be spoiled.  :)

I love these two pups!  They love their mommy, too; can you tell?!

I love that I have a husband who doesn't get whiny when life keeps me from being at home in the evenings for days on end.  It's one of those weeks around the Ozinga house.  Isaac picks up where I left off and makes the best of it.

Texas mandates a required cross-curricular project for all students involved in Gifted and Talented programs, which means half of my classes were involved in this.  Ugh.  It's like punishment for smart kids and their teachers.  It's not as if we don't already do tons of this sort of thing all year and have fun with it, but one more thing seemed like a chore.  Thankfully, the kids didn't pick up on that much; we let them research their passions.  So, while I didn't love the requirement, I loved their final products!  It was such a hoot to hear and see their presentations today.  Lots of dance, baseball, and other sports, and lots of animals.  Here are two of my favorites from 3rd period:
The homemade pizza represents a drum and the bread sticks are the drum sticks.  Truly a GT kid kind of project!  Love it!

This kid's passion is football, and the cake was a perfect visual aid for the presentation!

I love that it's Teacher Appreciation Week.  No, I don't teach for the kudos, but it is nice to know that all of my efforts aren't in vain from time to time.  Yesterday our principal had a tasty Italian lunch catered for us, and the moms that pray for our campus brought in goodies to stock the lounge for the day.  Today the cheerleaders brought in breakfast for us, and one of the teacher's sister's-in-law made these awesome cake pops shaped like apples and cookies decorated like our mascot.  Super cute and very yummy! 

I love listening to Isaac teach himself how to play piano out of the hymnal.  He can read music and has actively been playing violin for 18 years, but in the last couple of weeks, he has become bound and determined to learn piano.  I help when it's requested of me, and otherwise just enjoy what I hear.  Now I know why my parents let me bang away for hours-it's fun to be on the listening end, even with missed notes!  :)

What are you loving this week?

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