Sunday, May 6, 2012

Partying Away the Weekend

We party hopped Friday and Saturday like we were the most popular folks in town.  If you really know us, you'd realize just how strange that is for these homebodies!  I must say we had so much fun enjoying friends and family.

My brother David works for Blue Cross, and he was given an entire table for this year's American Diabetes Association Gala in Houston.  While I think I definitely am not cut out to be a socialite, it was a blast to dress up and have a nice dinner with my family.  David and Laura invited her parents, our parents, and Laura's best friend Anna and her mom. 

David, Laura, me, Isaac, Mom, and Dad

Saturday morning we had a fun little party to attend for our friends' daughter Erica.  Kim and Eric are sweet friends from church, and Miss Erica is a true Cinco de Mayo baby.  We celebrated her 2nd birthday with lots of swinging, lunch, cookie cake, and of course, a pinata.  It can't be a Cinco de Mayo birthday without a pinata! 

Saturday evening we had a birthday party in the park for my sweet childhood friend Kristin's 30th birthday.  More hot dogs and cupcakes!  It was a treat to catch up with old friends from church that have moved on to other places, or at least other parts of town. 

Our last stop wasn't quite a party, but we had a 'moon party' just the four of us on the beach.  Isaac had been checking the cloud forecast all day in an attempt to decide if the best place to see the full moon rise would be at home or down in Galveston.  All day, the best bet was Galveston.  Of course, as soon as we got there, we had nearly complete cloud cover.  We decided to walk a bit of the seawall anyway.  The breeze thinned out the clouds and we did get about 20 minutes of moon sighting, but we missed the actual super moon rise.  Oh well.  It was incredibly pretty; all I needed was a pirate ship to set the scene perfectly!  Ha. 

Note to self: our pups are treated much too closely to children to forget that their schedule is their schedule.  Taking them out late and being 45 minutes from home when it was their own self-appointed bed time meant a complete puppy meltdown for both of them.  Good grief!  At least they slept well once we finally made it to bed.
Why is it dark at the beach?
What do you mean it's too dark to go swimming?!
Windy, windy, but it was our friend; it broke the clouds so we could see the moon!

Our God is so creative and good, isn't He?

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