Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day

I love my Nanny and Mom!  The three of us, along with each of our significant others, celebrated them after church with brunch at Tommy's.  Yum!  I'm so grateful to have these two living so close to me.

My babies signed a card with their paws in paint.  I don't know how Isaac pulled that off with these wiggle worms, but he did!  They are precious cuddlers for their mommy.  The three of them got me a Kirkland's gift card so I can start decorating the new house.  Yay!

And as for human children, well, after two years of being told our girl is adoptable and trying to figure out the huge tangle of legal mess for adopting out of Zambia, we found out Friday that we had been given mis-information.  Back to square one and healing a very, very broken Momma's heart.  God's sovereign; she'll always be our girl, and we'll be ready for the next one He brings our way.  Pain or not, none of it changes who God is and that He is the ultimate Daddy to all.  For this control freak (aka ME), that MUST be enough.  Keep praying for us to make wise choices in all we do to bring glory to His Name.

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