Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pups Visit the New House

We're spending this week moving, slowly but surely.  I'm trying to purge a ton of stuff.  We like to live simply-how did all of this stuff get here?  I hate to call it all junk, but it's certainly more than we need.  Thankfully, most of it is hand-me downs, including all the extra tupperware, so on it goes to yet another home.  Thank you, Purple Heart!  Your handy front door pick up makes my purging so much simpler. 

Ok, on to the pictures.  Bailey and Aggie Belle made their first trip to the new house last night.  God gave animals a 6th sense because they know things that no one else yet to explain to them.  Typically they don't explore a new place immediately upon entry.  They wait to see what we tell them to do.  Last night, they darted into the yard like it was their long lost home. 

Let me in!

As soon as Isaac had the door open, off they went, sniffing every corner and cabinet door.  Aggie Belle wasted no time acquainting herself with the stair case.  Oh dear.  Aggie Belle is incredibly smart and beautiful, but graceful she is not.  I think a cow can make it up and down the stairs more quietly than my sweet girl can, and technically, cows can't walk down stairs.
Enjoying the view out the front window.
We took some boxes over today and worked on cleaning the tile grout.  Of course the pups went with us.  They make Seran Wrap look ineffective, they're so clingy lately, what with all of the boxes and in and out of the house.  Bailey is making sure that he does not get left!

How could anyone forget about this sweet face?

The subdivision pool is next door to us.  A private party was booked for this afternoon while we were working at the house. We had noticed that the shouting from frisbee tossing had died down, but when we walked out to grab something, we heard about 40 high schoolers singing "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" to the accompaniment of a single guitar.  Yep, we bought the right house.  :)

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