Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Vow: Book and Movie Review

I'm such a movie buff, but any time I hear that a movie is even loosely based on a book, I beeline for the library website to see if I can check it out or if I need to find a cheap resale. The Vow was no different.

The story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter is precious.  They met on the phone and quickly fell in love through their conversations.  Their deep faith in Christ guided their relationship, and not many months after meeting, they were married.  They were raised in small town Southwest America, and baseball was Kim's life.  Krickitt was a college gymnast.  While driving to Kim's house for Thanksgiving, they were in a terrible car wreck that left them both injured, but Krickitt was in the worst shape.  She suffered permanent brain damage that ultimately resulted in short term memory loss.  Krickitt will never remember her wedding or even meeting Kim.  He worked tirelessly alongside Krickitt's parents to help her physically rehabilitate, and then to win back her heart.  Kim was bound and determined not to break his wedding vows.  What a testament of God's love and integrity!

If the movie version of The Vow hadn't tried to piece meal teeny parts Kim and Krickitt's story, it would be a sweet stand alone story.  But to take the same title of a book that brings honorable glory to God, the film falls so short.  It destroys family values and relationships in the name of entertainment.  Sad day.  And Channing Tatum's character Leo is so short in a tough situation that it's pretty frustrating to watch.  I tried hard not to compare the two, but I failed. 

Anyway, read the book!

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Lisa said...

A few years back I switched to a movie-first-book-second philosophy. So far, it hasn't ruined any books in the slightest, but I also enjoy less than great movie reproductions more. I didn't know the Vow was a book! I'll have to check it out!

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