Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rodeo Houston 2015

No March is complete for us without at least 1 trip to NRG Center for some Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show action.  With a baby in tow, we decided to split it into two days, and that was such a smart decision.  Rodeo Houston was the one fun thing we got to do over Spring Break between my sprained neck and Man Cub's stomach bug, and I'm so glad we squeezed it in!

On Tuesday, we just went to the livestock show.  We saw lots of baby animals in the birthing center.

Then we  walked through the 'farm' where we got to climb into a huge John Deere combine.  Yes, I was totally geeking out.  I so miss my ranch days.  Sigh.  Country girl is stuck in the big city forever-thanks NASA.  

We had some fun in the petting zoo.  The deer kept eating my hair-why did that make me so happy?!

The best part of the whole day was our visit into Horse Central, as we call it.  We managed to get to NRG Arena between competitions so we didn't get to see any action, but we did spend quite a bit of time walking up and down the stalls.  Man Cub would just squeal and bounce up and down each time he came close to one of his mommy's favorite gentle giants.  We passed one stall where a little girl was about to start hanging up her horse's tack.  She took a liking to our little guy, especially after hearing his babbles of delight, and asked us to come in to meet her horse.  I noticed her dad was wearing a shirt for one of our local schools, so we struck up a conversation while Man Cub inspected Snickers the Horse.  The little girl is in 4th grade and had just finished competing in time trials for the day.  She had earned a new personal record and was going on to the finals the next day.  I'm super impressed and a tad jealous that I never get the horse back riding lessons I so longed for as a kid.  Time on horses-tons.  Actual lessons to do any kind of competition-zilch.  Anyway, she asked if Man Cub could sit on Snickers saddle, so of course he did!!  And he sat, and sat, and ate the saddle horn, and sat some more.  Snickers took a few steps around her stall, and Man Cub just jabbered away with glee.  Future cowboy?  Maybe!  Eventually we needed to move on our way, but I am so grateful for such a sweet girl who stepped out to ask us in to a piece of her world.  Man Cub won't ever remember it, but he truly enjoyed his first 'Velvet' encounter, and Isaac and I will always enjoy the memories.  I sat on my first horse at age 2 at the Kentucky Horse Farm.  My kid has me beat!

Then on Saturday we went for the actual rodeo.  Oh, I love that whole thing!! This was the baby's first time on a bus.  He was pretty happy to be in Daddy's lap instead of a carseat.  Can't say I blame him!
Man Cub rocked out these awesome Baby Banz head phones during the rodeo and concert.  Y'all, they really do cancel out the noise!  He sat on our laps and was mesmerized by the cowboys and cowgirls during each event.  A nap, dinner, and a few nursing session happened, but he stayed happy all afternoon and evening. 

We only were able to stay for about 3 of Brad's songs before deciding we'd better head home for bedtime.  Man Cub did so incredibly well the entire afternoon and evening, and going to bed an hour later didn't mess him up.   Isaac and I do want to get a babysitter and go to the next Brad Paisley concert that comes to town-and stay the whole time!

Next year's rodeo will be even more exciting because Man Cub will understand even more about what's happening.  I think we may try to head to some smaller, local rodeos over the next year since he enjoyed this one so much. 

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