Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

This week!  80 degrees one day, in the 30s the next!  My parents had the right idea by ditching town and heading to the islands for the week.  Lucky them.  It's not all lost because these 5 things have kept smiles on our faces this week:


Young Living's Thieves oil is for more than just supporting the immune system.  One of my favorite ethnic cuisines is Greek, but there sure is a lot of garlic in its recipes.  We went out for Greek (yum!) on Wednesday,, and I took the leftovers for lunch (double yum!) yesterday.  There is nothing, however, more critical than 6th graders, and they will point out 'lunch breath' from a mile away.  They will also whine if teachers are chewing gum (we're allowed) when they can't.  Ha.  So, I've worked the system.  A dab or two of Thieves on my tongue with a swig of water after a 'stinky' meal, and no more 'lunch breath'.  Keep this in mind on date night too, y'all!  Don't leave home without the Thieves!

Who said 7 month-olds are allow to push their toys around?  Man Cub decided on Saturday that he can pull himself up on his push toys and push them around the house.  We're all in trouble!  He has a way to go before he'll have the balance to walk on his own, but there is nowhere this child can't get at the moment. 

I keep a stash of these Dove dark chocolate squares in my classroom because 6th graders.  Some days just require one or two of these mid-afternoon.  I don't recommend this if eating the whole bag in a week is your thing, but I'm really good about portion control.  And Dove is now Rainforest Alliance Certified, so I know my stress relief isn't coming at the cost of human lives or the environment. Win win! 

As of yesterday, our team's tickets are booked for Zambia!  In just a few short months we get to introduce Man Cub and some dear friends to our beloved 2nd home.  We're ecstatic!  However, Satan is already attacking the planning of our trip.  He won't win, but he is doing everything he can to slow us down, ruin the team's financial plans, and discourage us.  Please pray for wisdom as we plan and prepare.  We want God alone to receive the glory from our trip.   


Isaac hasn't gotten much blog time lately, and that's an unfortunate oversight on my part.  This hubby of mine makes sure we function in the evenings, changes diapers in the middle of the night, tag teams Man Cub with me so the house doesn't completely fall to ruins, and then still finds time to love me well.  Isaac helped me throw my mom's 60th birthday party (more on that coming...Audrey Hepburn would've been proud), and has even made grocery store runs for me lately.  I could spy on him playing with the baby for hours.  It's precious.

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