Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bailey is 12!

Some how my spring chicken puppy has entered his golden years.  Sunday marked 10 years since he rescued me from the pits of endometriosis misery.  I'm so glad he wagged that fluffy helicopter tail of his when he saw me at the shelter.  He knew I was his mom, he just knew!
We didn't do our Chick-fil-A birthday run for him since it was a Sunday, and the weather was so crummy he didn't even get a walk.  Thankfully we've had a lot of park time lately, so I didn't feel too guilty.  We had lots of cuddles since it was so yucky, and we enjoyed more treats from Buddy Bites.  Baily got a bone and Aggie Belle got a cow because, well, she is one.  Ha. 

Bailey, thank you for loving our family so well.  You are such a joy to us, and we love your fluffy self!  Stay spunky, sweet pup!  We love you!

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