Monday, March 30, 2015

Eggs, Ponies, and Birthdays: Weekend Wrap Up

There wasn't any rain all weekend, and for Houston, this hasn't happened in weeks and weeks!  We took full advantage of the warm sun and amazing breeze.

Saturday early we met up with our incredible photographer Lindsey for Man Cub's 8 month photo shoot.  We decided to do what my parents did and have his picture made at birth, 4 months, 8 months, and a year.  I'm glad we're doing this!  Our munchkin is growing so much!  We took the photos at a local park, and I can't wait to get them back.  The little guy hammed it up pretty good for Mrs. Lindsey, so I know she had some great material to work with.  Yay for happy babies!

We let the baby sleep in the car and drove around town until time to head for church for the annual Easter Egg Hunt and little carnival for preschoolers.  I realized after the hunt started that my sweet boy had never been in the grass before.  Eek!  It's been so rainy and muddy that playing in the yard just hasn't been an option for months, certainly not since he started crawling 2 months ago.  The poor kid was so distracted by the new sensation of the grass that he totally let all the other babies pass him by on their way to the eggs.  We got a good laugh over his reaction to the grass.  There were still plenty of eggs for Man Cub to 'hunt' once he decided he could crawl in the grass.

Then it was off to the petting zoo.  Man Cub was thrilled to be around the goats, pigs, and chickens.  I think he thought he was back at the rodeo-smart baby.  Thankfully, this petting zoo was much less crowded!  The baby bunnies and little chicks were soft and precious.  They didn't *seem* to mind being passed from one waiting parent to the next, so we'll just stick with that story.  The little guy loved sinking his hands into the soft fur and downy of these little babies.  I can't blame him.  Animal therapy at its finest!

Then it was off to the pony ride.  This child and 'horses'!  The squeals and excitement know no match!  I thought he'd need me to really hold him up on the saddle, but he didn't.  He looks like he just needs a lasso and some chaps to be ready to ride the range.  I have no idea if horses will be in this boy's future, but I'm excited to find out!  

Isaac took Man Cub and one of his little friend's on the train ride.  We love this particular friend, and they've been around each other enough to recognize each other now.  It's precious! 

Our last stop was to get a balloon-what a hit!  I've got to remember to pack some packages of balloons for Zambia.  The preschoolers loved them last trip, and they make for hours of fun (supervised) entertainment.

Saturday was also my granddad's birthday.  The whole family gathered at my parents house for dinner and baby/puppy play time.  It never gets boring watching dogs and kids play together.  The 4 of them were too quick for us to snap any pictures this time, but they had a blast.  Man Cub enjoyed gobbling down some spaghetti-hence the baby with just a diaper.  Is there anything better than a food covered, happy baby?!  It was a relaxing, special way to celebrate our incredible Dede.  I know he was excited to have a first for this birthday: a great-grand that wasn't just a dog! 

Saturday night I forced my way through the UK basketball game.  I despise stressful games, especially when the guys aren't playing like they should.  Andrew Harrison save the game for us with his free throws with 6 seconds left.  Thankfully my little man slept through all of his mommy's rants.  2. More. Games.

Sunday was a beautiful day of worship as Isaac and I were in the orchestra and choir to usher in Palm Sunday.  Oh, the music we have that marks the entry of the triumphant King into Jerusalem.  There's more about that here.

We also had our 2nd team training for our trip to Zambia. 4 months from right now we'll be there.  I can't wait! Please be praying for us as we plan and prepare.

Here's to Holy Week-a time of remembrance, fellowship, mourning, and the constant reminder that Easter is coming!  Blessings this week as you seek the King!

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Victoria said...

What a great time!!!!

I especially LOVE the shot of you and your little guy holding the bunny! You look FULL of joy!!!! :)

Happy Birthday to your Dede! I'm glad that you all got to get together to celebrate him!

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