Wednesday, March 11, 2015

All In A Name

Kiki's monthly linkup called The Circle has a new topic each month, and for March she asked everyone to share the meaning behind the names of our blogs.  What a great idea, and it's something I've never shared here before.

When I started blogging, Isaac and I were engaged, and I wanted to write to keep up with friends from college and family that doesn't live nearby.  I think the blog was named "What a Wonderful World" or something cheesy like that.  As I wrote more and more and realized blogging was something I wanted to continue doing, I wanted the blog to better reflect my family.

Isaac actually threw ideas back and forth with me for awhile, and I'm grateful he wanted to have a say in it.  This blog is his story too.  We know that we see things differently from much of the world.  We try to see the life and current events through the lens of Christ.  It's not easy, and we mess it up every day, but we are grateful that Jesus gives us new mercy each morning to try again.  I also like alliteration, so The Ozinga Outlook was finally born a few months into our marriage.  It fits.  I don't just blog about one topic or have one specific style.  These posts truly are our outlook on all sorts of things.  Perhaps that keeps my readership down, but again, I'm not doing this for others.  I'm really doing it for our family, to help us focus on what matters, tune out what doesn't, and keep those dear to us up-to-date about family happenings.  Always though, I want my writing to reflect Jesus because without Him, it's all for naught. I want others who stumble into my corner of the Web to be encouraged and motivated in their walk with Christ because of what they find here.  There is so much junk on the Web, and I personally love finding inspiration and joy.  That's the outlook I want to express as I write.

How did you name your blog?  Link up with Kiki or leave a comment below because I'd love to hear!



Finley S said...

Lovely! I so love that your hubby is included in that name - special meaning to it!!
Okay - loving your love of alliteration too!

Victoria said...

I think we all started blogging for the same reasons!!! I'm glad you kept it up and have enjoyed watching your purpose shift just a little bit.

I think it's great that your blog is something that comes from both you and your husband too. Now that I think about it, I couldn't blog without the input or support of my family either. :)

Laura Darling said...

This is such a neat way to name your blog!

The Lady Okie said...

Alliteration is the besssst. Love it :) I think it's wonderful you are trying to intentionally share about Christ and be a light. Way to be an encouragement in the blog world!

Kiki said...

Ooh, I love your blog name even more now that I know the story behind it! What a sweet reminder to have an outlook on life that shines His light and to have a blog that reflects that and reflects who YOU and your family are, too. :)

Thanks for linking up!!

Kelly Del Valle said...

It's so cute that you and your hubs worked together to come up with your blog name. :D I bounced like 100 ideas off of my husband too, and he was the one who narrowed it down a lot. Very fortunate for my indecisive self!

Also- I read your slavery in America story and that is absolutely heartbreaking. I'm glad to have learned more about that sort of thing though... I am going to be more conscience of what I buy from now on.

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