Monday, June 2, 2014

Spring Concerts

Third trimester with the Man Cub has not stopped me from using my musical talents this spring!  We have had a lot of excitement with concert season!

A year ago, our Chamber Singers group from UBC was asked to sing with the Clear Lake Symphony for their "Best of Opera" concert. The concert was May 2nd of this year, and I couldn't wait!  I had to twist Isaac's arm to agree to sing with us this Spring, and once it was all said it done, he was glad I did.  Opera sounds so stuffy and high brow, but it's really not.  We had a great time singing about gypsies, drinking, working long hours, cheated lovers, and little maids free from school.  The symphony is incredible, and this was my second time to be able to sing with them.  It's always an honor.

Before concert pic at warm-ups:

Afterwards with two of my dear friends, Kathleen and Leighann, who sing with me

Singing Brindisi's "Libiamo" at 28 1/2 weeks pregnant wasn't easy, but it was a blast.  Air support was practically non-existent, but I just snuck little breaths and had fun!  And nothing ever makes old feeling the vibrations through the floor up my body from a well trained symphony!

Then last night we had a 68 member bell concert.  UBC has a phenomenal handbell program, and I've been fortunate enough to be a part of it since 8th grade (minus 4 years for college...).  We played some fabulous worship music, but we also had fun with "The Muppets", "Firework" (Katy Perry), Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", and the always fun "Broken Hallelujah".  Just, yes!

I hear people say bells are dorky or silly or some such nonsense, but they really are beautiful.  When Isaac finishes editing some of the video from last night, I'm hoping to post one of the pieces we played.  I so enjoy the challenge bells bring me each week, and the different type of opportunity it is to worship the Lord.

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