Thursday, May 29, 2014

May BarkBox

Getting the BarkBox at our house each month never gets old.  And can I mention enough that I love that I don't have to add any puppy treats to the grocery list now except rawhide?  Because rawhide-we go through it like it's 1999 in our house.  Sheesh.  Without further ado:

What this month's box lacked in quantity, it made up for with quality.

Z-Bones from Zuke's ($6.69): These dental chews pack a punch with their size, which will keep my Big Girl occupied for at least a few minutes.  She loves carrots, so enticing her to help her teeth with this treat was a snap.  And, any bone full of antioxidants is a plus in my book!

Bionic Urban Stick ($24.99) Bionic Rubber was made with the most voracious chewers in mind!  It even has the FDA stamp of approval, so if those tough jaws do break off bits and pieces, they'll digest without making your fur baby sick.  Awesome!  There are holes on each end for stuffing treats for an extra adventure.  So far, Aggie Belle and Daddy have had some great games of fetch and tug-o-war with the stick. 

Snicky Snaks Apple Cobbler ($9.99) With all of the news about pups getting sick from foreign made dog treats, I'm always glad to see American sourced and made products.  Snicky Snaks is one of those!   These organic treats are made from GMO-free ingredients and smell tasty!  Does anyone else get weirded out when dog treats leave a yucky smell on your hands?!

Nooties' No Grainers Jerky Chews ($12.99) We've had goodies from Nootie before, and I was glad to see these again.  These jerky sticks can be broken into any length, which is great for Bailey.  Another USA made jerky, these are always a winner with the pups!

Coming in at a grand total of $54.66, this month's box blows out the $19 we paid for it.  These two give BarkBox 2 paws up for May!

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