Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Man Cub's Zambian Safari Shower

On the 17th, these Fab Five threw us the most incredible baby shower for the Man Cub!!  Each one of these ladies is so incredibly talented, and they cut no corners in making every detail exquisite.  They knew we were making the Man Cub's nursery as authentically Zambian as possible (minus the furniture...anybody want to pay import prices for us?!), so they turned our shower into a Zambian safari.  Oh, they know our hearts well!  Isaac and I were absolutely blown away!

I had requested a 'no wrap' shower after learning about them on a few different blogs.  I loved the idea of simply visiting with the families and friends that came to see me instead of spending the majority of the time unwrapping presents.  I'd much rather talk!!  And, it's pretty eco-friendly too!  They surprised me with the addition of the books.

When Isaac and I arrived, we first saw this:

and then walked in to this:

 This beauty will hang in the nursery, and I can't wait to add it!

So many dear friends and family members came to celebrate the Man Cub with us.  We had a fabulous time visiting, oohing and awing over tiny treasures.  Having the shower right smack at 30 1/2 weeks was perfect.  I had energy and felt great, and that made all the difference!  And since one of my besties couldn't make it from NC, I wore her dress.  I kept with the safari theme well, didn't I?  It reminded me that she was there in spirit cheering us on!

These are two of our three flower girls.  Um, just how did they get so big?!

Friends since we were babies thanks to our awesome mommas!

 Precious friends from church.

Mom, daughter, and friend's baby.

Awesome ladies from church who love on us and let us love on their teens (since they were in diapers!)

Church friends

Church and Teacher friends

Sweet friends since '89!

Mom, Daughter, and Grandson

The younger daughter!

Oh, these two who challenge me to be a better example to them of Jesus each day!

Teacher friends!!

Grandma lovin!

And then there's this girl...my maid of honor and precious, most cherished friend who kept it an absolute surprise that she was driving into town just for a few hours to celebrate with me, even leaving her own little man at home with his daddy.  I was so stinkin surprised, and having her there was the best present of the whole day!

I am so grateful my family lives so close.  Mom and Nanny did a lot to make this day extra special.

 My sis-in-law Laura and her mom came to love on the Man Cub too.  I'm so glad they live so close too!!

Man Cub needs to grow a bit more, but we sure are ready for him when he comes! 

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Lisa Loves John said...

Looks like such a great shower!! I am in love with all of the little details :) :)

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