Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to Moms Here and in Zambia

I spent time loving on these two today (and our significant others, but today wasn't about them...).  It was at treat to have lunch on the lake and visit over superb Italian food.

The pups and Isaac spent time loving on me with sweet cards and my favorite tulips.  It's hard to believe that next year I'll have to make room for three kids in my lap instead of just two.  Although, if they could talk, the pups would say they're already having to share my lap with their littler brother.  :)

But while all this loving was happening here in Texas, my heart and prayers kept turning to my mommy friends in Zambia.  These women are just faces I've seen in a magazine.  They are true warriors with names and stories that Isaac and I know intimately. 

These moms refuse to measure their worth by the size of their house, the quality of their vehicle, or the brand of their purse.  Instead they measure wealth in the health and education of their children, their time spent in worship, and the number of hugs they receive from their precious, wiggly bundles.  They seek Jesus daily to be their sustenance, and they find joy in Him in each curve life throws at them.  They conquer pregnancy and child birth with a fortitude and courage that I only dream of having.  

Some of these moms aren't even raising their own children, but instead are simply big sisters tragically left with big shoes to fill.  They are doing excellent jobs, and they encourage me with their determination to keep their families together.

These are my hero mamas that I look up to and who remind me to stop my fussin' when I don't like my situation.  They have taught me so much about mothering, and I am grateful to know them.  Gertrude, Patience, Maureen, Chalala, Matrida, Matlidah and all the others who love me so well and always have extra hugs for me, may you feel God's arms around you today.  I love you deeply.

If you'd like to help mamas who are struggling to keep their families together due to financial strain, consider making a donation to Milk and Medicine.  This is the root of our child abandonment prevention program in Zambia through ACE/CACZ.  Happy Mother's Day!

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