Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WFMW: Home Auto Repairs

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Y'all, can I tell you how awesome it is to have a husband whose dad taught him how to navigate his way around a vehicle?!  I mean, really!  The man keeps my school's single teachers' cars running, and I'm grateful for his generosity.  But I'm also incredibly grateful for how much money he saves our little family each time one of our vehicles needs some work done.

Sarge is MY truck, but he's huge, and pregnant belly won't let me reach too far under the hood right now.  Isaac's little brother Jacob came into town this week just to be the extra set of hands that I can't be right now.  Ol' Sarge has hit 80,000 miles and needed his timing belt replaced, so these two knocked that out yesterday.
Thank you gents for saving us so much money, keeping my truck out of the shop, and helping me!

Parents, teach your kids!  If you don't know how, enroll them in shop classes at school or find local community colleges that offer classes.  Take them together.  You'll never know how much fun you might have til you try it!  Neither my hubby nor his brother are mechanics by trade, but use it as a hobby to bless their families and others.  That works for me!

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Lisa Loves John said...

This is amazing!!!! Such a skill to have. My dad loves working on cars and would always maintenance my vehicles until I moved away - I certainly didn't understand how fortunate I was until I had to pay for my first oil change, ha!

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