Monday, June 9, 2014

Dad Shower

The weekend before last, two of Isaac's buddies threw him a 'Dad Shower'.  Let's be honest: this was his planned for a guy by guys.  There are no photos, and some of the details of all they did are still sketchy-because men.  And that's a-ok with me!  What I do know is that my hubby came home feeling loved and was greatly energized by his day out. 

The guys started the day at a local shooting range (um, I was jealous about this part, and REALLY wanted to join them, but I refrained.), and then headed to a local pub for lunch that lasted til 4:30.  Apparently guys CAN talk for as long as their wives.  ;)

Our group of friends do this routinely for new daddies, and it's always some variation of a 'manly' activity such as shooting, go cart driving, and darts, and then food.  Sounds about right!  Depending on who is planning, Dad-to-be gets gift cards or diapers.  Isaac got the jack pot of gift cards, and he was able to use a portion of them to buy his Diaper Dude Bag.  This thing is awesome for guys, because what man really wants to tote around wifey-poo's huge mess of a diaper bag when he's in charge of the little love?!  Check out Diaper Dude for more Dad goodies!

How do your hubby's friends celebrate becoming a father? 

1 comment:

Lisa Loves John said...

That's a perfect man diaper sack! (Did you like my use of sack vs. bag?! Lol)

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