Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Oh, these three!  I'll start at the top at work my way down.  :)

Dede, there is no one like you!  I am so glad to have this man so close to us.  There's no better grandfather in the whole world.  Thank you for all the puppy loving, landscaping, errand running, lunch date that you do for all of us.  Thank you for all the trips and love and laughter and stories.  Oh, the stories!

Our snorkeling trip in Roatan in March:

Dad won't be seen for the next two weeks.  He's off at the beach with Mom and his side of the family this week, and then he'll be on the Navajo Reservation the week after.  Here's the to man who keeps showing us that serving the Lord has no age limit (not that he's old-he's not!).  Thanks for moving hot water tanks in and out of attics, turning a blind eye to how much it costs to spoil your grandson, and loving us always!  So glad I get to sing next to you in choir each week! 

All four of us in December:

 Isaac is the most amazing Daddy to our now three children.  Sorry, the dogs always count.  We were both raised that way...He has served me without complaint, and makes time for each kid, even when he's exhausted.  I love how he works so hard for us and still puts Jesus first.  I love you, Honey!

Happy Father's Day, everyone.  Remember you are God's child!

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