Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Works for Me: Dog Treat Puzzles

Our dogs eat just fine.  They don't need coaxing, they don't need people food added on top, they just eat their kibble and are grateful neither of them are any longer on the streets.  However, we've learned that when we make meal time a game, they have so much fun, so dog puzzles work for us! We've found food puzzles that both pups enjoy, but to keep them special in nature, we don't use them every single meal.

Aggie Belle especially loves the challenge of 'hunting' for her food.  She sometimes tries to scarf her food, so having her bites spread out between compartments keeps her at a steady pace.  Also, we're gone most of the day, so we'll put her breakfast in several of these, spread them throughout the house, and then know that she has plenty to keep her busy for quite awhile.  Some of her favorite toys are Dog Games brand:

Bailey isn't much for true toys, but he loves his Kong treat!  Kibble fits so nicely in there, as do little cookies, and he loves throwing it around and pawing at it to make the food come out.

What things work for your dogs?

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