Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vision 2014

Each year UBC hosts a teen retreat called Vision.  The kids stay in hosts homes and have a college leader come hang out and help them break apart what they hear from the speaker in the sessions.  I went to Vision each year as a teen, was able to be a college leader, and this was our 3 year to host.  We had the 8th grade girls, who we also hosted when they were 6th graders.  We love this group, and we had a great weekend.  Unfortunately, we spent so much time having fun that I took two pics the whole weekend.  Oops.

Worship was great, though I heard from several kids that they missed Gladsome Light.  I did too-those guys are awesome.  The speaker is a friend of Kyle's name Asa Ramirez.  He's amazing, and spoke solid truth to the kids all weekend.  Asa talked about what real discipleship looks like and reminded the kids that being a follower doesn't happen by accident.  It was good for all of us to hear again.

We spent half of Saturday, all 100+ of us, sorting food donations at the Houston Food Bank.  I love that place.  Some years each grade will have a different project in various locations, so it was fun to have everyone together, working together.

Pray with us that what God revealed to these kids this weekend will make deep and permanent changes in they way they live.

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