Saturday, January 11, 2014

My 29th Birthday

29 was an odd birthday for me.  Thursday I left with my friend Emily for Austin.  We were presenting our Omega curriculum that afternoon at the Texas Middle School Association's Conference for Adolescent Development.  Then, we were staying the next two days for the rest of the conference.  We stayed at the Double Tree, where the conference was being held, so it was really nice.  Still, it was weird not seeing any family on Friday, my birthday.  It was fun to be in a hotel with great restaurants for dinners though!  Thursday we went to Shady Grove and Friday 3 other friends from the district went to The Oasis on Lake Travis for a yummy birthday dinner.  A lady made me a flower balloon too!  Plus, my dearest Kaitlin had mailed me a card several days in advance so I could take it with me on the trip.  She wanted to make sure I had a card to open on my birthday!  We all need friends like this!

Janice, Emily, Jessica, and Dina
When I got home Saturday, Isaac had all of the cards that had come in the mail for me over the last 3 days waiting in a pile.  He also had a gift and card for me (a new wallet because mine was falling to pieces!).  We tried to go to dinner, but the wait was an hour, so we'll try again Monday.  A pizza got ordered, and he had an American Cookie Company cookie hiding in the oven for dessert.  I know there are countless amazing desserts in the world, but to my taste buds, nothing compares quite like a slice of America Cookie Company.  Then we had family movie night, all four of us curled up on the couch to watch Red 2.  Perfect night after a busy weekend!

Thanks to everyone who called, emailed, texted, and sent cards to make my day so special.  It's good to be so loved!

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