Sunday, March 17, 2013

Worship at Emeritus

I think I've mentioned before that the 6th-8th grade Sunday School class Isaac and I teach has asked us to really push them to be mission minded.  We try to give them at least one opportunity a month to serve their community in the name of Christ.  This month the kids chose to lead the weekly worship service at one of the local nursing homes.  Eight teens came, and considering a bunch of kids were still traveling back home from Spring Break, I think that's awesome.  Michelle brought her harp and bravely played harp and also piano to lead in singing.  Katy led a phenomenal Bible study relating the way Christ served others to the ways she sees people serving around her.  Um, the girl's 13 and can clearly relate Scripture to real life.  She rocked it!  I so wish I had video taped it.  These kids shook off fear to love on some very gracious older adults today through worship, prayer, and fellowship.  I have known so many of them since they were babies and toddlers, and I am incredibly proud of their hearts.  These teenagers don't realize how much they humble me and push me to move out of my comfort zone to declare the name of Jesus on a daily basis.  I am blessed.

I only got one good photo this afternoon.  The rest turned out blurry or had at least one kid with a funky face.  They're teenagers and would hate my guts if I posted them on the internet.  :)  Here's Katy teaching though. 

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