Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend of Worship with Jaime Jorge

Musical genius.

It's a gift from God.  Many people can learn to sing or play an instrument.  Many people can even learn to do it well and earn an living from it.  But for some, God grants such a gift that while rehearsal is necessary, the result still cannot be imitated by those without the gift.

Jaime Jorge is one of those with the musical gift.  The man can play violin like few I've ever seen.  Born in a different era, he'd have been Mozart's star and inspiration.  But Jaime was born in communist run Cuba to Christian parents.  Hearing Jaime tell of his times spent refusing to deny his Jesus to the communists is inspiring.  This fact makes what I experienced this weekend all the more a gift from the Lord.

Jaime came to UBC two years ago, and Isaac spoke with him a bit as they played violin together that Sunday morning, but this visit was longer.  We heard more stories, and Isaac was able to spend even more time rehearsing and playing with Jaime.  On Saturday, we had a two hour rehearsal with UBC's choir and orchestra.
This sneaky wife snapped phone pics from the choir loft.  Jaime is on the left and Isaac is next to him.
Usually Matt is all over us on Saturday rehearsals, but this time it was so different.  The Holy Spirit was present, people had great 'work hard' attitudes, and all 130ish of us were there to glorify the King in honor of Palm Sunday.  'Beauty' barely brushes the surface of the amazing experience that rehearsal was.  After Saturday's rehearsal, Isaac said that Jaime is one of the most humble instrumentalists he's ever met.  Jaime knows that what he has is a gift and that his role is to use his gift for God's glory alone.  After watching him twice two years apart, I completely agree with Isaac.  Jaime also took time to play the violin part for a song my bell choir is preparing, and he accompanied a piece Chamber Singers is working on for Good Friday.  He didn't have to come rehearse with us, but he did.  Just the three rehearsals were pure worship services.  Sunday's worship service and then his solo concerts were even better.  It's not the talent that brings on the worship but the heart of those using their talents.  That really hit home for me this weekend.  I'm always on stage, in a sea of others, and sometimes I lose sight of what it takes to tell God how great He is.  It's nothing more than the attitude of my heart.

Jaime also talked about Rachelle, his fiancee.  Jaime even called her in the middle of his concert to have her talk to congregation.  Jaime and Rachelle have a fierce desire to see all marriages grow strong, and it obvious talking to Jaime just how much this weighs on his heart.  During the concert, Jaime said that God calls us to do everything for God's honor and with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and that includes our marriages.  Of course it's true, but how many of us are guilty of  putting ministries, work, and family before the actual marriage?  And how often do we stop to remember that marriage is for God's glory too.  Isaac and I spoke about this at length last night,  and I know I was really convicted by Jaime and Rachelle's words last night. 

Isaac and I spent some time visiting with Jaime last night, and we feel like a dear old friend was leaving town instead of a mere acquaintance.  But, isn't that just a taste of Heaven?  Those that are brothers and sisters in Christ won't feel like strangers, but old friends reunited through their service of the King.  Hallelujah!
Real men play violins.

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