Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Spring Break has absolutely flown by!  I'm going to try to let the pictures tell most of the stories from this week.

Isaac and I headed to Dallas straight from work last Friday to meet up with our friends the Shepherds.  My 'brother' Fred brought over his two kids Sarah and Eden for dinner and to visit. Unfortunately his wife Aggie had to work.  We really don't get to see these amazing people nearly enough.

Saturday, we got to see Bridget for just a moment while we picked up Tina and Joelle.  Then we hit the road for Spring Break 2013.  These girls and 7 1/2 and 3 1/2 and are fabulous in the car.  We were tired by the time we got home, so after lots of Aggie Belle play time, we read lots of my old stories and went to bed.

Sunday was a full morning of church and then lots and lots of baking.  Isaac had two cakes to get made for Sunday, Tina wanted to use her Easy Bake Oven, and then we made homemade mini pizzas for dinner.  I love that I can tell Joelle to go play with Aggie Belle, and an hour later, they're still playing and talking.  What a duo!   I also love how Tina can recite full Bible stories with very little prompting.  Love!!

Monday found me taking the girls to Bayou Wildlife Park for some up close and personal time with some of God's creation.  It was easy to spot God-sightings this day! We also went shopping for Easter dresses.  Isaac helped the girls do one of their favorite things: walking the dogs!  Then we went to Kemah for a hibachi dinner, stingray feeding, and sunset watching.  What a fun day.

Tuesday took us to the Natural Science Museum to explore the dinosaur bones and 'learn science' for my super science girl Tina.  We enjoyed a super cool chemistry demonstration where we learned about oxygen and carbon dioxide, what it is that makes a diaper work, and how to make polymers (Gak).  The dinosaur bones in the new paleontology hall are amazing.  Butterflies flittering overhead were the best part of the day, hands down!

Wednesday was our last day of adventures, and Isaac and I took them to the rodeo.  It was a crowded mess, but we did have fun seeing twin lambs being born, watching chicks hatch, and seeing real bull riders.  Whoa!  We also took pictures with a longhorn, but don't worry.  The girls quickly 'hiss' and shake their hands when they see a longhorn.  Joelle's Gig 'em is about the cutest thing ever.  We saw a bit of Jake Owen's concert before needing to head home.  Boy sings great, but boy needs a hair cut.  Good grief!

On Thursday, it was time to head home.  It was a sad goodbye to Bailey and Aggie Belle, but hopefully we'll have another visit this summer.  Such good travelers!!

So very grateful to be able to love on these two and serve their momma this week. 

Today was the last day of Spring Break.  This week has flown by!  I was able to spend today with my mom, grandparents, brother, and sister-in-law in yummy food and having a great time visiting.  For living so close, we don't do that nearly often enough.  :)

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