Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving the rain that's falling this morning.  It's dark, gloomy, and the lightening is gorgeous.  We haven't had much rain lately, so this is a treat.

I love that Jacob has yet again come to visit.  He and Isaac are ridiculous together.  I guess this is what it's like having siblings of the same sex.  Mom was smart.  Ha.  Jacob has been the best uncle to Bailey and Aggie Belle.  The trio visited THREE parks yesterday for play time.  How fun is that?!

Speaking of Aggie Belle and Bailey, I just love them.  If you aren't a pet person, I understand you think I'm nuts.  But I'm an all around mammal person, and the fact that these two desire to be in my lap, want to sleep in my bed, want me to be near them, makes me oh so happy.  Yes, it's fun when the kids in my life act the same way, but humans use words.  We can bribe, sweet talk, and use words to show affection.  Animals can't.  For them, it's a choice.  They either decide to trust you or they don't.  Nothing you can say changes that.  So many other animals are the same way, not just dogs.  What a treat.  I can't wait for Eden!

I also love that Aggie Belle treats her gerbil like a puppy.  Bailey likes the gerbil(s) we have to play with, but Aggie actually babies them.  Unfortunately, Berry the gerbil died yesterday.  Aggie was the most pathetic thing ever when Isaac went to bury the gerbil.  We'll get a new pair of sister for her soon, but for now, she just stares at the empty cage. 

I love that today one of my dear friends Michelle is celebrating 4 years of marriage!  Michelle and Will love Jesus and work hard to raise a family that seeks His face.  Anniversaries are such a mile marker, and I'm grateful for the Tanner family in our lives. 

I love this blog post from Jen and this one from Kristen.  Amen and amen!

I love these TOMS I bought.  They ended up not being the right size, but I'm going to get the right size.  I haven't had a pair before, and I'm pleased.
I love that in three months, my feet will be in a constant state of being covered in red dirt in Zambia.  Bring it!  Bring the kids, bring the love, bring the teaching, bring the tears, bring the adventure, and bring the hope that comes from Christ alone.  

I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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Jennifer said...

Your dog likes the gerbil? That's so funny! I wonder what my dogs would think? Sometimes tells me they wouldn't be nice!

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