Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love that we're going to Zambia in June!!! We'll be staying with House of Moses and mostly working with them, but we'll see friends and family too!  Cannot wait!

I absolutely love that the two lovelies I call nieces are here for Spring Break!  However, if I want to kick the last of my TV habit, never see Facebook again, and barely feel like blogging, all I need to do is keep young kids around permanently.  I am so thankful these two sleep 12 hours straight...I've needed at least 8 of those hours myself this week!  Girly adventure stories will come soon!

I love that it's Spring Break, and while I'm still busy, it's a different busy from school. 

I love how patient my Aggie Belle is with Tina and Joelle.  She lets them run her through every trick she knows time and again.  Aggie Belle has been covered in Dora stickers and follows these two around constantly.  She and Joelle will play for half an hour unattended, and then they crash in front o the gerbil cage for another half hour of what Joelle calls 'girl talk'.  Mind you, she's 3.  Tina wakes up every morning to Aggie Belle and invites her in bed for morning cuddles.  Aggie would make such a great 'Nana'.

I love how Bailey, my non-child loving Chihuahua, has warmed up greatly to these girls this trip.  He's now kissing them goodnight and helping me wake them up in the mornings.  Bailey still wants to keep a close eye on me and doesn't want to share my lap, but being walked by Joelle is still a treat he loves, just like in August.  Yay!

I love the story my friend Chembo emailed me lately about how she finally got a teaching job.  Chembo and I met when I was in Zambia just shy of 3 years ago, and she has been working tirelessly to obtain a degree from university.  Chembo fasted for 21 days and spent much time in her bedroom praying for a job.  She went to an interview she felt the Spirit telling her to try, and she was given the job, even though she hasn't yet graduated.  God is so faithful in providing needs!  I can't wait to see Chembo in a few months!

I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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Jennifer said...

OMG. That dog!!! Love how sweet she is!!!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Katie Hall said...

I don't know if I have ever seen such a big chihuahua, she is adorable!!!

Jacqueline O said...

Zambia?? wow thats awesome!!

Hope you'll stop by and visit! I have 3 giveaways this month!!

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