Thursday, September 29, 2011


While the Aggies looked like they had a firm grasp on the game against OSU on Saturday, Isaac and I decided to take advantage of a Groupon I had purchased to see DolphinTale.  Little did we know that the Aggie would blow their lead while we were being incredibly entertained by Winter and her friends, but I think our distraction was much better than the game!

I remember the newspaper articles and stories on TV about the 3 month old dolphin found caught in a crab trap who had to have her tail amputated a few years ago.  I was at A&M and oh so sick at the time, and Winter's story grabbed my attention.  For ages, nothing was said about her, but then stories about her prosthetic tail began to surface, again gaining my intrigue.

When the movie previews were for DolphinTale were first shown this summer, I was super excited!  My family is big Ashley Judd fans (Go BIG BLUE!) and I adore Morgan Freeman.  Isaac found the previews online last week got really excited.  If you read the blog much, you know Isaac isn't a movie buff, so that's a big deal! 

The movie was very well made, with Winter playing herself.  Best I can tell, most of the story is fictionalized, but Winter really did get a prosthetic tail and is doing so well with it!  It was so refreshing to see a family-friendly (truly ALL ages) movie that was funny and up-lifting with fabulous acting.  Well done, Hollywood!

To learn more about Winter's story, visit her website, where I borrowed these images too.  :)

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