Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WFMW: Reconnecting

I was so excited when my mom and grandparents told me they didn't mind if I tagged along for their trip to Kentucky.  I hadn't been home in just shy of six years.  Many of my family members I hadn't seen since my wedding nearly 5 years ago.  It was time.

The four of us flew to Nashville on Thursday, rented a car, and drove the two hours to Paducah.  It's been a hard winter on TN and KY, and it showed.  Usually by now the trees are leafed out and the grass is green, but it still looked a lot like winter on our drive.

Mom and I stayed with her best friend/sister by choice Patti and her husband Carl.  Nanny and Dede chose to stay at a hotel so they could come and go and visit as many people as they could in our 6 days there.  Patti and Carl have two kids that David and I grew up with, but both are away at school.  It was so odd to be at their house without them.

Mom, Patti, and I spent most of Friday and Saturday being absolute girls-singing to Abba in the car, shopping, eating good food, and talking non-stop.  It was precious to be able to re-connect with friends while visiting my favorite places in Paducah (more coming on that Friday).  We also cheered on UK basketball.  This meant great rejoicing on Saturday and bummed fans on Monday.  Still, it was fun to have so many people to watch the game with!  Usually people aren't that in to it here!
140th running of the Kentucky Derby goods are everywhere right now.

Jack and me ready for Saturday's win!

Friday evening was Aunt Sis and Uncle Jim's anniversary party, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing dear family. 

Sunday we went to church where my dad grew up, my parents were married, and David and I were christened.  Some of the people I remember, and many remember my mom.  It was crazy hearing some of them talking about my mom when she was pregnant with me, and there I was pregnant with my first.  I'm not surrounded by people in Houston who've known us that long, so it was a surreal but neat time.

That afternoon, we went to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and family time.  My little cousin Ashleigh is now 13 and about to join the shooting club at her middle school.  Um, jealous!  Why don't we have that in Houston?!  Anyway, we went out for target practice.  I think I knocked the socks off Ashleigh and her best friend when I hit a bull's eye my first time up.  Yep, the pregnant lady has still got it.  Boom.

Monday was cold (48* me!) and rainy all day.  We made it to lunch with Nanny's cousin and her husband.  Ozie and Terry are precious to us, and we enjoy spending time with them.  Lunch at any of the local haunts will never be bad, regardless of the weather!

Tuesday we went back to Nashville a little early to visit Opryland.  The hotel is gorgeous, and while we ran out of time to go in by the time we finished lunch, it's still fun just driving around it.  A trip back there is on my list!  David and I seriously thought we owned the place as kids because we were there so much and knew every nook and cranny.  Certainly worth a visit if you've never been.

Taking time out of my busy schedule to reconnect with those so near and dear works for me!  I'm so glad I went!

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