Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Anniversary Cruise Part I

We've only been home 7 weeks, so maybe it's time to share about our little cruise adventure in March!

If you're new around here, you might not know that Isaac and I are a *tiny* bit obsessed with my grandparents, Nanny and Dede.  So much so that we asked if we could be married on their 55th anniversary which was 8/8/09. As time seems to do, it's flown by, and we're fast approaching their 60th anniversary and our 5th.

Around this time last year, the four of us began brainstorming an anniversary trip together to celebrate.  We all love to travel, and a trip sounded blissful.  A cruise sounded divine.  Then Isaac and I got pregnant...with a late July due date, when our anniversary is August 8th.  So long trip.

Thankfully Nanny and Dede are the go-getter types, so over Christmas, they asked if we'd like to celebrate our anniversary a little early, as in over my Spring Break!  Yay!  To save money, we booked the same itinerary out of Houston that we had been on over New Year's.  It's so nice having the port 4 miles from our house.

The day we left for our trip was flat out cool and dreary, but I didn't care.  After one of the longest winters Houston has seen in ages, I just wanted to be warm.  I knew that ship was taking me somewhere, actually, lots of 'wheres', warm, and I couldn't wait!  We quickly found our cabin, and decided it was super fun that Nanny and Dede had upgraded room to a balcony for us.  What a treat.  Their travel agent also had chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us, and Ramon, our steward, couldn't have been more helpful the entire trip.

My one request for this cruise was to have an early dinner.  I very much enjoy the shows on cruises, but having to go to the 10:00 show while 21 weeks pregnant was not going to happen for me.  We worked it out for this to happen, and I was very grateful!  It meant we didn't get to have Mateo as our waiter again, but we quickly fell for Chris and Lupche and saw Mateo, Jonathan, and Brenda often.  Yeah, that makes us sound like real cruise snobs that we know the crew that well, I know!

Our first day was mostly spent unpacking, walking around the ship, and dreaming of warm weather.

Day 2 was a day at sea and it dawned cloudy and cool.  I had so hoped to be far enough south to lay in the sun and read most of the day, but it wasn't going to happen.  Instead, we all played Bingo, went to various demonstrations around the ship, and just enjoyed each others' company.  That evening was formal night, and it was nice to get dressed up again.  One of the head waiters, Hector, is also a truly talented singer.  My grandparents have gotten to know him very well since October, and Hector serenaded the whole dining room during dinner.  It was fabulous!  We also officially celebrated our joint anniversaries that night.  The wait staff saw "Happy Anniversary" to each couple, brought us a delightful chocolate mousse cake, and oooh and ahhed over our story.  It was a sweet time of thanking God for allowing all of this to happen.  The show that night was a little Broadway type production, and very well done.  A relaxing day was a great way to start our trip.

 More to come!

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