Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WFMW: Baby Shower Prayer Books

A friend who lives out of state is planning a baby shower for someone, and she recently asked me what some of my favorite elements of throwing baby showers are.  I think it totally depends on the new momma, honestly, but there is one thing I do that is a must for every shower I host.
Several years ago, I went to a shower where each guest was asked to write out a prayer for the new baby.  It could be general of specific, but the goal was to be heartfelt and sincere.  After writing 'Amen', the guests were asked to sign their names.  The prayers were then collected and put into a book for the new momma and daddy to have.  I adored the idea.  Prayer is our foundation of communication with Christ.  Why not start at the shower, showing the child and the parents how much they truly are prayed over?!

I was a bit nervous about asking guests to do this this first time I included it at a baby shower.  I shouldn't have been.  Everyone loved the idea.  I wasn't a snoop, and I didn't read the prayers as I placed them into the book, but I was able to present my friend with a thick volume of prayers for her new little one.  A few years later, that friend still tells me that was the best gift their family received that day.  They've used those prayers to shape some of their own prayers for their growing child in rough and smooth patches.  I was so excited to hear how much it meant to them.

Since then, the prayer book has been a staple at every shower I've hosted or co-hosted.  It's actually even been requested a few times, as if I'd forget!  :)

What you need:
-A scrapbook (I prefer 5x7, but choose away)
-Scrapbook paper (choose colors or prints that match the nursery or have meaning to the new parents)

Cut the scrapbook paper to fit into the sleeve of the book.  At the shower, lay out the book with a little instruction card and perhaps even a sample prayer.  You are asking people to step out of their comfort zone here, so help them out a little.  Have lots of bold markers and pens available and a few quiet places for guests to sit and write.  Make sure to encourage all guests to participate!  After the shower, place all of the pray notes inside of the book and make sure the momma knows where in her car you place it with the rest of the gifts.  :)

Prayer books work for me!  What are some of your favorite elements of baby showers?

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Hannah said...

that is such a sweet idea! I wish I had thought of that for some of the showers I've hosted in the past... or that some one would have done that for mine! What a wonderful gift for the parents and the baby. I'm sure those prayers will be prayed and treasured for years.

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