Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy 50th Anniversary, Aunt Sis and Uncle Jim!

April 4, 1964 was my great-aunt Sis's wedding day to the fabulous Jim.  My grandma (my aunt's sis) was her matron of honor, and my mom was the little flower girl.  This started a tradition of flower girls with this side of the family.  Mom had Sis's daughter Melisa as her flower girl, I was Melisa's, and Melisa's oldest Lindsay was a bridesmaid and her youngest Ashleigh was one of my flower girls.  Isn't that fun?!
Mom and Aunt Sis
On Friday, exactly 50 years later, my grandparents, Mom, and I were able to join my great-aunt and uncle, the rest of the my grandma's siblings and lots of cousins in Kentucky for a vowel renewal and dinner party.  It is so good to be home, and even better to see family.  Some of these dear ones I haven't seen in 6 years!

The vowel renewal was at St. Thomas Moore's chapel.  The chapel is beautiful, and the service was very personal.  I should've have thought to ask my Catholic family members about some of the responsive parts, but we made it.  :)  It was so special to hear stories of their wedding day and how Sis and Jim have kept God first in their marriage to raise 3 kids and keep lovin' each other.

Their daughter Melisa hosted a fabulous dinner party at the country club after the service. The wedding colors were lavender and yellow, so we saw lots of both on Friday.

Since Mom was the flower girl, she requested to order the flowers for the party.  So sweet!

 One of Melisa's cute ideas was to tape pictures to the ends of helium filled balloons.  These were just above eye level at dinner and created fabulous conversation pieces.  There was even a picture of me with my little cousins, but it was NOT worthy of reposting.  :0)

Ashleigh is Sis and Jim's granddaughter and the resident cheerleader.  She kept us organized and moving from one thing to the other, like toasts and cake!

 My grandma has three living siblings, and they and their spouses were all at the party.
Lynn, Nanny, Sis, and Gene

Lynn and Sally, Dede and Nanny, Sis and Jim, Carla and Gene

I think there are 8 grandkids and 11 great-grandkids (1 on the way) and 1 great-great grandkid on the way (mine!).  There were 4 of the grandkids and 2 of the greats at the party.  Here's hoping Melisa can organize a huge family reunion for 2015!!
Melisa, Ashleigh, Shawn, Mom, Me, and Jeff
Sis and Jim's son-in-law Dave, Ashleigh, Melisa and son Shawn.
Cousins have sass at all ages!  *My* little flower girl is all grown up!
Happy 50th, Sis and Jim!  We love you, and pray for many more years of happiness and health together! 

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