Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BP MS 150 2014

I don't know about you, but my hubby has to stay busy!  He is incredibly talented in many different areas.  There is always a project going on at our house.  Learning to support him in this endeavors and cheer him on, especially when it wasn't something I enjoyed, took some time.  However, seeing him happy and content when I'm there to support his hobbies works for me! 

Despite the longest winter we've seen in Houston in years, Isaac trained hard for this year's BP MS 150 ride.  Like last year, he signed up to ride for Team Hope, sponsored by KSBJ, Houston's Christian radio station.  Due to wet weather and traveling, he didn't have as many weekends to train as he would have liked.  I could sense he had a feeling of dread about the ride as this past weekend approached.  However, the whole way home on Sunday, he was beaming because the ride had been easy, the weather perfect, and he knew he had been more prepared than he realized.  I just kept thanking Jesus for answering all my prayers all weekend!

Isaac rides the MS not just because he enjoys cycling but because we know people affected by MS.  The money raised really does make a difference in research funding, and we've seen great progress in the understanding of this nasty disease in the last few years. I'm proud of my man for using his hobbies for productive things!

I dropped Isaac off at Tully Stadium in Katy at 6:00 AM on Saturday morning.  He found some Team Hope riders to start with, and before long, the ride was underway.  I'll be honest-I drove the hour back home and curled back up in bed for awhile.

I was shocked when Isaac texted me throughout the day.  He was reaching break points insanely early, at least compared to last year.  He was in La Grange where they camp for the night by 3:00.  Wow!  100 miles from 7-3 with plenty of stops for stretching, food, and extra water.  He's a beast!

Let's be honest-reaching the finish line with no one there to cheer you on is just a bummer.  I made sure I left Houston in plenty of time to be at the finish line in Austin before the man made it there at 12:30.  80 miles from 7:45-12:30.  Yippee!  He spotted me right as he crossed, and I even managed to snap a pic while holding a poster for him!  We walked the 2 blocks to the capitol building for photos and then didn't linger long before heading home.  While there's plenty to do and see in the area associated with ride, bad storms were coming, and Isaac was exhausted.

I'm proud of you, Baby!

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